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Industrial IoT

indus 4


indus 4 is an Industry 4.0 IoT solution. It provides Real time monitoring of machines, lines & plants with capability of  connect to Legacy machines likes SCADA. indus 4 comes with rich web based user interface with features like Configurable dashboards, customizable reports, actionable alerts, Digitization of maintenance records & operational information.

The solution enables PQRC ( Productivity, Quality, Reliability & Compliance ) for a manufacturing firm.

The key benefits help to :


Completely paperless at the shop floor

Digitize audit and compliance checks


Provide real time visibility via dashboards and reports of production


Reduce maintenance time and cost by remote monitoring of machines


Reduce downtime of equipment by predictive maintenance


Optimize quality of production


Improve operational efficiency (OEE) and utilization



IoT data flow stages we cover

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Industries we serve

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Enable proactive data-driven decisions with our custom IoT solutions powered by advanced analytics


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Create smart, connected products to deliver superior functionality and boost the customer experience


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Implement your smart city vision to tackle urban challenges and bring visible improvements to people's lives

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