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Most of the campuses like Armed Force bases, Airports, oil refineries, nuclear installations, various defence labs and infrastructures across India have a security system in place, however the security sensors like the smart fences, cameras, biometric sensors, etc are not integrated due to which the equipment's cannot share data to the command Control Centre with authenticity on any intrusions.  Also there are huge numbers of false alarms being generated from the sensors. With considerable number of cameras fitted in an Airport to cover its perimeter, it’s humanly impossible to monitor all these cameras continuously 24X7, leading to vulnerability.  Most of the cameras are used today for postmortem rather than giving real time alarm. The present security system in airports also does not have any sensors to track an intruder after he has gained entry into airport from perimeter, and with a large area of operation (20-25 Kms) an intruder can get remain untraceable for quite a period of time.


Security is the number one concern of most states and governmental bodies across the world today. The most basic form of security is physical security. Physical security is important because a physical attack is perhaps the most fundamental kind of attack.


The levels of threats across the world are only increasing with the advances in technology and the availability of these technologies to people with maligned intents. We need to actively counter that using not just the current technology but going ahead with next generation technology to prevent intrusions and damage.


India is well on its way to become a super power and is quickly being targeted by malicious people. With lot of economical reforms and technological advancements (like  satellite launch, acquisition of modern equipments etc) taking place in India, many key installations within India will be targeted by people/ groups whose intention it is to cause disturbance, slow down economy and damage the assets.


Today most of the airports (vital Installations) across world have following threat:-

1        Trespassing

2        Extreme Terrorism

3        Theft

4        Attacks/ crimes

5        Espionage


Each airport depending on their location also has following challenges

1        Harsh environment

2        Many buildings

3        Large area/ perimeter in few sq Kms

4        Thick vegetation

5        Human Factors


Considering the above, CyPhySignals, India Pvt Ltd has developed a comprehensive and advanced security solution called i-Rakshan (patent pending), which not only covers basic physical security by leveraging existing setups and enhancing them but also combines this with next generation solutions like Advanced Video Analytics, Machine Learning Techniques, Cloud based collaboration leading to an integrated security solution making it extremely difficult for people with harmful intentions to bypass the security system. The Command Control Centre application which is the heart of the system is designed in India and major part of sensors and hardware are also manufactured in India. A drone which would be perpetually in air 24X7 has also been developed jointly with IISC, Bangalore.

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