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A glimpse of our “Dhumbi”.



Drone Manufacturing

India's First indigenous Tethered Drone

For an effective actionable and response system use of specialized drone for 24 X 7 Surveillance & tracking (developed in house in collaboration with IISC, Bangalore) along with combat Remote control vehicle (CRCV) is highly recommended so that the intruder is tracked from the time he attempts intrusion and also there is no loss of human life in case of an intrusion attempt by suicide squads. We design and develop various categories of drones from Micro to Large. We have complete production line for manufacturing of the drones.  Over a period of last five years, we have come up with drones catering to  five different functionalities.  




Security IoT

Integrates various sensors and security related equipment to ensure efficient and focused security. i-RAKSHAN is designed to provide minimum false alarms and to reduce workload and offer a complete and nearly foolproof security system, which can be managed from a centralized Security Control Centre.


Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Baselining and improving OEE, Utilization and Maintenance Effort.





Delivery Models


Our Strengths

Expertise in managing large multi-year engagements

A niche player will act as an extended team in your IoT strategy development - we will help design and document a clear IoT strategy for your business.


Best practices and operational excellence across the client base

Service Level Agreements based engagement models

Competitive pricing with evolved estimation process with high maturity


Offer well thought of recommendations for end-to-end solutions that would benefit your company, along with transparent pricing.


Expertise on the IoT marketplace as well as products and services for your Industry, we will help you stay competitive.



Software Services

As a software and product development company, we offer a full range of custom software development services and SaaS solutions for  business domains.


Cloud Based Services

Organizations nowadays head to the Cloud in order to benefit from the scalability, responsiveness and cost efficiencies offered by Cloud Computing.


Database Management

Database systems are very important to every business because they communicate information related to sales, inventory, customer profiles, employees’ details, and marketing activities etc.


UX/UI Design

Cyphy delivering UI/UX design services for web and mobile app development solutions. We believes an app design is an integral part of any digital user experience and is often pivotal to the success of a solution with feature-rich functionality.


Mobile Applications

We have been heavily involved in both iOS and Android application development ever since our company’s inception. Most of our client projects have involved the development of mobile applications as part of the solutions to be delivered.

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ERP & CRM Applications

ERP systems are primarily used by organizations to do automation of their business operations. Given the ERP, all the income data is stored in a unified database, so everybody within a certain company, is allowed to work with that information.

Glass Buildings


Cyphysignals India Pvt ltd is recognized under start up India by Ministry of commerce and industry. It is also registered under MSME and is an ISO 9001 and ISO 12207 company. The Company was started by a veteran from Indian Air Force and a women entrepreneur. We started the company in year 2017, as we did not have any Indian companies working on security IOT. India has been importing the command control application for security monitoring of its infrastructure from countries like Israel, Sweden, US etc.

we developed the complete solution in record time indigenously so that India could be self-reliant.

The company has two major verticals one as a Drone manufacturing company and other as an IOT, automation, mobility and cloud services company. Under IOT we have two verticals one developing product related to security IOT (i-Rakshan) and the other on Industrial IOT (I-NDUS 4.0) based on Industry 4.0. We also offer product based on cloud services.

Most of the security solution software found across the world is just an extension of Video Management Software (VMS) where large number of live video from various cameras are projected on video wall. These systems are more use full for manual monitoring of situation where many operators would be monitoring the camera feeds. These systems have huge amount of dependency on human factor like the operator going into memory overload problem, operator not being watch full or getting diverted etc. These software do not have any intelligence of their own. With these as some of the shortcomings, the solution i-Rakshan was developed which have inbuilt AI to separate out false alarm from actual intrusion attempts and alert the operator only when required. The solution provides a holistic view of the full scenario over a Map for efficient and quick reaction by operator.

Standard and Certification's

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Head Office

543, Sri Sai Nivas, First Floor, Service Road to Outer Ring Rd, Vinayaka Layout 2nd Stage, Naagarabhaavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560072

Wg Cdr Soma (Retd) FIE

Director and Co-founder   

Telephone: 080 23210027




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